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Tuesday May 11th, 2013


Mariposa Labs: 

New Staff Press Release



Mariposa Labs LLC Announces New Technical Director

Mariposa Labs is pleased to announce that Ms. Kelly Kropf has joined our senior management team as the Director of Technical Services. In that role Kelly is responsible for creating winning formulas for our customers and leading our technical efforts with respect to quality control and manufacturing. Kelly has a B.S. in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Minnesota. She has significant formulation and technical experience with personal care products, working for six years as a formulation chemist for Apex International based in Minneapolis.

During the next few weeks Kelly and the Mariposa Labs marketing team, led by Lisa Swain, will continue to work closely with all our customers to complete current formulation projects as scheduled. Kelly would welcome the chance to speak with each of you about your products and work to create new markets for our mutual benefit. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us!


Mariposa Labs LLC Announces New Marketing Assistant

Mariposa Labs is pleased to announce that Ms. Shante` Morgan has joined their marketing team as the Marketing Assistant. Shante` is a recent graduate of Boise State University with a B.A. in Communications. Her degree combined with vast work experience and knowledge of social media and marketing make her a valuable asset in our business and marketing approach.

She will be working closely with Lisa Swain, Director of Business Development, in a diverse capacity. Her many responsibilities include interaction with sales and product development, close customer contact & support to understand our company culture and our client’s needs and priorities in our unique market.  Shante` will also be responsible for all marketing material and copy for the company including implementation of marketing strategy, creation & execution of online marketing campaigns & market research.

Shante` is excited to become acquainted with our current customers and looks forward to creating new relationships in the future.

Mariposa Labs is a premier contract manufacturer of personal care products located in Boise, ID.

More details and information about Mariposa Labs LLC can be found at


Boise, ID  USA,  26 September 2012


Mariposa Labs LLC

270 E. 50th

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Contact:  Lisa Swain, Director of Business Development 208-947-2354


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