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Tuesday May 18th, 2013


Our Formulator's Perspective - Relief for Sensitive Skin


This week, we are presenting an interesting article shared by our Chemist, Kelly Kropf.

In less than a month with our team she is fitting right in, already contributing to the blog and of course, sharing her own “formulator’s perspective.”


ActiGuard S  

Relief for Sensitive, Inflamed and Overly Reactive Skin

Due to Active Organics® specialized, proprietary extraction process, ActiGuard™ S Natural Performance Ingredient is rich in bio-active phytochemicals and gets all of its bio-activity from a completely natural source, Sorghum bran.

The grain of the sorghum plant is covered by a tough, multi-layered outer skin known as the bran. This outer "skin" is rich in plant phytochemicals and nutrients that help protect the grain from pests, sunlight, disease, water loss and damage. Just as the bran protects the grain, the bran can help protect the skin.

ActiGuard™S performance ingredient has been able to enhance these protective properties to take advantage of one of the best ingredients that nature has to offer. 




ActiGuard™ S

INCI Name: Sorghum Bicolor Bran Extract (and) Glycerin (and) Water


Company: Active Organics


ActiGuard™ S is a glycerin and water extract of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), which is rich in polyphenolic phytochemicals. It is the first product in Active Organics newest line of botanical actives, designed around extracts of the ancient grain. The flavonoids, condensed tannis, and phenolic compounds extracted from the bran portion of this ancient grain will result in substantial anti-inflammatory and anti-irritation proprieties. It is perfect for use in sensitive skin products.











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