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Tuesday July 15, 2015

Personal Care Industry Terminology- First in the Series: Not all Boxes are Created Equal

For the next few weeks, I will be sharing common terminology from various aspects of the personal care packing and product world. While we are each familiar with the segment we are immersed in, talking to suppliers outside our orbit can be confusing.

Working with label, shrink, tube or box manufacturers or even freight companies, I sometimes wish I had a decoder to interpret and also to know what questions to ask and details to specify.


Here is the first in the series from a page on the website.

Package university is a very helpful tool with common terms to help with understanding the world of printed paper cartons and display boxes.


I hope the Terminology Series will help you increase your knowledge and confidence in your interaction with the various manufacturing aspects of creating a product that is perfect in every aspect!


Lisa Swain

Director of Business Development





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