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Monday, March 12, 2012

Sample Pack Packaging, Marketing and Promotion… A Great Idea!

Posted on January 25, 2012 by Mili

Who doesn’t love a free sample?  Whether it be a lotion, cream, food, drink, or what have you, a free sample, is great for many reasons… the first being, it’s FREE for your potential customer.

Let me share a little event that occurred about a month ago… I went leaving the gym from a great workout, and on my way out noticed a box of tiny samples of the new Degree deodorant for women.  I picked up one packet (containing the sample and coupon for $1.00 of their full size product).  I used the little sample and loved everything about it… the fragrance, the freshness.  As it almost ran out, I looked for the coupon and put it in my purse.  When the sample did run out, I bought the full size product and used the coupon.  Moreover, I was totally sold on the product so I bought to 2-pack special they were running and used the $1.00 off coupon on that.  Bargain!  I will be a repeat customer till I get sick of this fragrance.  And even then, I’ll switch to a different fragrance, but still stick with Degree.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, I was an Arrid customer and totally switched when I got the free sample!

So, here are my reasons why sample pack marketing and promotion works:

1. small cost for your company with big potential

2. if you’re selling a product, the best way to get a new customer is to let them try it for free

3. if you already have a great following, introduce your new product to your following, and they will be even more loyal

4. sample pack packaging can be made to look very attractive

5. lots of options for sample pack packaging in terms of materials, containers, tubes, etc.

6. easy to insert more info with your sample; example, a coupon or info pamphlet or Facebook incentive card         


Some ideas on HOW to distribute the sample product:

1. give it to the stores who sell your product- let the cashiers throw in a free sample with every purchase in the store

2. give it out at trade shows, exhibits, race, neighborhood markets, local stores

3. keep some in your bag at all times and give one to every new person you meet at every level!

4. if you have a variety sample pack, create a Facebook competition and mail it out to the winners



Against the case:

So some people may argue it’s not worth it… I do want to present that side as well.  Some people argue that it’s hard to keep track of the sample stock or get back sample stock that may be on the shelf too long.

About the Author, Mili Suleman...
Mili Suleman has helped clients in various industries including beauty, foods, children’s etc. As Owner and Lead Designer of LAUNCH Private Label. LAUNCH Private Label provides boutique-style work at an affordable price. Let us help you set your private label brand in motion… and keep it growing. To learn more, please visit or call Mili at 817.456.6622 for a free consultation.

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