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Friday, May 25, 2012

Perfume Survey Results

To those of you that participated in our recent survey, we thank you for your time and opinion. A couple things are very clear regarding perfumes. More people than expected wear some kind of scent every day AND with the array of opinions and favorites, we know that there are a staggering number of scent brand options and each person and their preference is unique. You will find a brief summary of the results below. If you ever consider adding a perfume/scent delivery product to your product line, please keep us in mind. We are registered with the ATF and have an alcohol handling room (perfect & safe) for manufacturing and filling of traditional perfume type blends. We have the expertise and would love to help you grow your business!

 Best Regards,

Lisa Swain

Summary of Results – Perfume Survey

1.)    A majority (68%) of respondents wear a scented product every day.

2.)    Average # of days users wear the following scents in a month:

  1. a.      High End Scent = 11
  2. b.      Every Day Scent = 8
  3. c.       Low End Scent = 7
  4. d.      Never Wear = 6

3.)    Most respondents buy their scented products at specialty or department stores (67% combined). The least common place to purchase scented products is at drugstores (8%).

4.)    Scent was the most cited factor (39 times) as a deciding factor in buying a scented product.

5.)    Spray is the preferred method delivery method for scented products (87%).

6.)    Most respondents (25 respondents) said that their personal care brand does not have a signature scent.

7.)    The two most important factors to respondents in regards to their scented products are; Amazing Scent (43 respondents) & Quality/Performance of the Product (23 respondents).



Lisa Swain- Director of New Business Development


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