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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eyelash Conditioning Serum, My New Favorite Product!

Our chemist has formulated an amazing conditioning Eye Lash Serum. Since we don’t test on animals and must use caution with product applied so near the eyes, I volunteered to try this product on myself. Using it daily for almost 2 weeks, I am very impressed with the difference! They seem thicker, less fallout, just all around BETTER eyelashes!

There are many lash serum products available, from $10 to well over $100. I think we have a contender to compete with the $100 version, if my experience is any indication! Below are the details of the features and benefits for your review. If this type of product will fit your product line and business model, please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Thanks so much!




Eyelash Conditioning Serum #12963

  • With Anageline EL ™, a peptide which promotes the health of the hair follicle and slows hair loss, at efficacious levels.
  • With Musol 20 PF, a soluble mucoprotein derived from yeast cells whichhas been shown in clinical studies to thicken eyelashes, at efficacious levels.
  • With Biotin and Panthenol to promote hair follicle health for healthier eyelashes.
  • With Sodium Hyaluronate to help with moisture retention giving eyelashes a healthier, fuller look.
  • With Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, a natural anti-inflammatory derived from licorice roots.
  • With a blend of 7 organic extracts.
  • Paraben-free.
  • pH balanced.



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