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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mariposa Labs: 

SPF Press Release




Mariposa Labs LLC Unveils Premier SPF Product Trio


Mariposa Labs, a premier contract manufacturer of personal care products located in Boise, ID, has announced availability of three superior sunscreen products for their clients.  Mariposa customers can take advantage of Mariposa’s expertise, formulations and FDA validation of these SPF products to market & sell their own branded suncare line. 

Mariposa Labs owner, Milt Gillespie stated, “Growing concerns about the effects of UV rays and rise of the skin cancer rate has created a boom in the SPF product market.  Mariposa Labs expects that this increased consumer awareness will continue to drive sales figures upward.   The availability of quality validated formulations will enable our customer‘s brands to enjoy a share of the growing suncare product market.”

The products include an Anti-Aging SPF 30 Face Cream, Matte Finish SPF 30 Lotion and SPF 15 Spray.  More details and ingredient declarations can be found at


Boise, ID  USA,  26 September 2012


Mariposa Labs LLC

270 E. 50th

Boise ID  83714

Contact:  Lisa Swain, Director of Business Development 208-947-2354



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