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Thursday January 3rd, 2013


California Prop 65: 

How does this affect you?


To Our Valued Customers:

We recently were made aware of a new regulation in the State of California and wanted to share this with you.

On June 22, 2012 California listed the following ingredients as carcinogens under Proposition 65:

  • Cocamide DEA (CAS # 68603-42-9)
  • Diethanolamine (DEA) (CAS # 111-42-2)

These chemicals are found in the following ingredients which are in many formulas in the personal care industry.

  1. Cocamide DEA.
  2. Triethanolamine, which contains a small amount of Diethanolamine as an impurity.
  3. Lauramide DEA.

Mariposa Labs is working to reformulate your products which contain these chemicals.

We are tackling as many as possible each week in the thousands of products currently manufactured.

We will contact you as evaluations by customer are summarized and samples are ready.

With sampling, we will include the new ingredient declarations and ask for approvals so we can implement the change so your brand will be in compliance.  Companies selling into the California market have until June 22, 2013 to comply.  Alternatively, a warning may be posted on the label:


This is a rather large task both for Mariposa and our customers.  We will strive to do our best to work through this with you in a timely manner.

We appreciate your business!


Warm regards, Lisa Swain                           

Director of Business Development

Mariposa Labs LLC                           



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