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Wednesday January 9th, 2013


SPF Reminder


Happy New Year!


Many industry articles in 2013 publications are touting the importance of suncare and forecasting the trend will become even more prevalent.


SKIN, INC  2013 Trend list includes:

Sun care products—for application both before and after exposure—and self-tanners will continue to expand as consumers finally begin to understand that a tan is a scar and sun exposure will lead to health risks and damaged skin. Campaigns linking sun exposure to skin cancers, wrinkles and pigmentation will become more prominent and similar to anti-smoking information. Consumers will pay more for this category than others because their health concerns will outweigh the cost. Those that make safe sun an integral part of their product offering /spa will prosper.


Have you included sun care and after sun care or self-tanning in your product offering?  The time is right and we have the formulas!

Please contact us for samples and more detail.


Warm Regards, 


Lisa Swain

Director of Business Development

Mariposa Labs LLC


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