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Tuesday March 16th, 2013


Stay Healthy in the Spring & Summer! 

This guest blog is provided by our Manufacturing Manager, David Thompson.
Healthy, fit and well employees are a common goal for all businesses. 
Better attendance and performance are beneficial for both employee and employer.
These tips for the upcoming season are courtesy of our healthcare provider, Primary Health.  Thank you!

Get Active!

With spring and summer on the horizon, many of you are dusting off the golf clubs, shopping for a new backpack, or grabbing the softball bat to enjoy the bevy of warm-weather activities that are right around the corner.  While outdoor activities are a great way to shed those winter-hibernation pounds, be mindful of these simple tips to reduce the likelihood of injury and ensure season-long enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Increase Water Intake -  Water is akin to fuel for your vehicle.  Drink water before, during and   after your activities.  While sports drinks are great for long, intense activities, use them sparingly and not as a replacement for water.  An average person should drink 8-10 glasses of water a day.  Remember to increase this amount slightly when beginning a new physical activity. 


Stretch -  Many of us remember to stretch prior to working out or doing something physical,   but stretching after a strenuous activity is equally important.  A post-activity stretch will help reduce those tight, sore, achy muscles that seem to arrive the next morning.  In addition, stretching greatly reduces your chance of injury.


Rest -  As the weather heats up, it is common to want to do as much as possible in the shortest amount of time, but don’t be afraid to rest and let your body get accustomed to this new routine.  Pushing your body too hard can result in exhaustion and injury.


Nobody likes getting hurt, but should an injury occur, Primary Health Medical Group has providers that are close to where you live and work. Dr. Shelley Ringo, a sports medicine family doctor, works with individuals of all athletic abilities to help you recuperate from an injury and get back to the activities you enjoy.


If you are suffering from an injury or just not feeling well, Primary Health Medical Group is committed to meeting your needs. With convenient locations, patient-friendly hours, and caring staff of providers, we are confident you will receive great quality care at any Primary Health Medical Group Clinic you choose.


Happy Spring!


Lisa Swain

Director of Business Development

Mariposa Labs LLC



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