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Case Studies

Exceeding Client Expectations

A worldwide MLM known for superior quality products and stringent production guidelines wanted to add a private label manufacturer to their team.

This US based, international retailer of health and beauty products knows exactly what it wants in a manufacturing partner:  Absolute exceptional quality across all aspects of business.  It has developed a step by step process for auditing and selecting top performing partners.

To qualify, Mariposa first participated in a two-day audit that was more stringent than that of the FDA.  It included reviews of every department including research, formulation, production, finance and general business practices.  Many of Mariposa’s detailed SOPs were confirmed.  Second came a two-day visit with the client’s head of Quality Assurance.  Mariposa passed with flying colors and the first product was sent to us for production.  As each new product is brought to the floor for production the New Products Director visits the Mariposa plant to observe the final formulation, sign off on the ingredient deck, and approve packaging and labeling. 

Result: Today, Mariposa manufactures several products for our client.  In 2009, 2010 and 2011 we were awarded this client’s Strategic Supplier Award for “exceptional service, 100% on-time delivery, fair pricing and consistent delivery of impeccable quality products.”


Meeting the Demand for Fast Turn Around

A national brand spa line needed to replicate, improve and add products to an extensive product line, and be ready for a major trade show in just 8 weeks.

This client specializes in spa, body care and massage products, including hand and foot scrubs, masques, soaks, creams, lotions, shower gel, and massage oils.  When they came to Mariposa to substantially expand their line with new fragrances and a wide range of fill sizes totaling 128 SKUs, they asked us to be ready with trade-show quantities (with more to follow) in 8 weeks.

Mariposa committed our entire staff and company resources to achieving this goal.  The first twenty products required only small tweaks and were ready for sign-off in a week.  We began sourcing around day 10.  By three weeks we had additional samples ready for review and sourcing.  The client was highly responsive and turn-around was minimal.  The entire project required sourcing and costing over 1000 ingredients and components. 

At three to four weeks we began stability testing and were able to complete early tests with success.  The labels and artwork began to arrive from the client with details (ingredient deck, fill weight, product claims) supplied by Mariposa.  Filling began at six weeks with fill sizes ranging from 12 oz. retail to one-gallon back bar bottles.

Result: Success!  All products were completed to meet photo shoot and show launch date within the 8 weeks.


Premium Standards Help Save Endangered Species

A manufacturer of natural body care products must meet even more stringent quality and ingredient demands to satisfy the Whole Foods Premium Standard.

Our client came to us excited to be accepted into the Whole Foods chain of retail stores.  They had three fragrances for lotion, butter and body wash products.  All of the products had to be paraben and palm oil free, as a portion of the proceeds were going to protect the habitat of the great apes.  [Great apes need palm trees for food and shelter, so this product line intended to bring awareness to the environmental cost of palm oil.]

Mariposa began formulating the products and was ready for early reviews when our client learned that some standards were even more stringent than previously thought.  All ingredients had to be vegetable derived, no animal products; and no formaldehyde could have been used in the original sourcing.  The first was readily accomplished; the latter required resourcing most of the fragrances to comply.  With only two weeks until production, the new formulations had to pass a shortened testing protocol. 

Result: Mariposa met the very tight deadlines and the products are selling well.


New Product Introduction

A sophisticated men’s line of personal care products wanted a new, high quality eye treatment suitable for both men and women. 

This client specializes in high-end men’s skin care products sold throughout the US, Europe, and Asia.  They came to Mariposa to develop a new, cutting edge, firming and plumping, anti-wrinkle cream for the eye.  Among other criteria, the product had to meet Japanese import standards, including no formaldehyde used in ingredient processing, no animal derived ingredients, and written verification of all sources and ingredient components.

Over the course of an eight-month development cycle, Mariposa researched and sampled new ingredients with proven benefits and a variety of very, very light fragrances.  Our formulation lab developed multiple test samples and revisions, while the client tested sample variations with their retailers. 

Result: The final product is an excellent seller in high-end retailers and men’s spas.  The client ordered approximately 12,000 units in 2009 for distribution among 1,000 retailers.