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Mariposa Code of Ethics

Mariposa Labs operates to high ethical standards in all areas of our business, from the way we treat each other, to the way we deal with customers, suppliers and regulators. Our ethical practices are guided and managed with several different policies.


  1. The integrity of the ingredients and formulas we produce for our customers is guided by the Personal Care Products Council Consumer Commitment Code. By signing on to the code, we promise to deliver safe and effective formulas that conform to ingredient guidelines developed by the Cosmetic Ingredient Expert Review Panel. We never substitute cheaper ingredients and we always deliver exactly what customers order.


  1. The confidentially and security of customer information (e.g. formulas, customers, ingredients) our protected by our internal Confidential Information Policy and separate Non-Disclosure Ingredients we sign with many vendors and customers. We keep all of your information confidential and do not share it with other customers or vendors.


  1. The integrity and reliability of our production process is guided by a detailed set of internal Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that conform to the FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation, Parts 210&211. Our process has been rigorously audited by the FDA and several national retailers and passed with flying colors.


  1.  The wages and benefits we provide all of our employees are fair and consistent. We believe that stable and healthy people are the best way to produce outstanding results for our customers. Mariposa Labs offers comprehensive medical, dental, and retirement benefits to all of our people, the same plans for everyone! We offer extensive profit sharing for all employees. Our people our dedicated to creating customer value to grow your business and ours.


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Non-Disclosure Agreement

Click to view a sample of our Non-Disclosure Agreement.