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Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you manufacture products for? 

Mariposa manufactures products for a variety of national and international companies, including:

  • ­  Specialty and department stores
  • ­  Multi level marketing
  • ­  Health food stores
  • ­  Direct manufacturing
  • ­  National brand
  • ­  Spas, resorts and hotels


What formulas / products can you make for me?

Mariposa creates a wide variety of product formulas for men, women, children and pets.  Our laboratory will work with or modify your existing formulation or create a new product to suit your needs.  See our Products page for an extensive list of product offerings, including:

  • ­  Body lotions, creams and oils
  • ­  Facial products
  • ­  Hair care
  • ­  Massage and spa products
  • ­  Liquid scrubs, body soaps, hand soaps
  • ­  Foot care
  • ­  Children’s products
  • ­  Pet products
  • ­  Kitchen products
  •   Laundry Care
  •   Home Fragrance


Is there a minimum order?

In general, the minimum on the majority products is 400 pounds bulk or 5,000 units per item.


What are my packaging options and Mariposa's capabilities? 

Mariposa can package almost any type of bottle, jar or tube.  We package as small as 1/3 oz. jars and tubes and as large as 36+ oz. bottles.  At your request we can also ship in 5-gallon buckets, a fiber drum, or even a 2000-pound tote!


What are my label options at Mariposa Labs?  

We can apply full wrap labels, two sided labels, top and bottom labels, and spot labels.  We work closely with our clients and their creative teams to ensure the labels are complete, accurate and appropriate for the package.  Be sure to ask your product development specialist what the label specifications are for your approved container.


Can I provide my own decorated packaging? 

Yes.  We work closely with our clients to meet their packaging needs.  We will require a sample of your package to test for fill capacity and compatibility with our equipment.  Also, our team can assist in finalizing artwork and checking for compliance with labeling requirements. 


Does Mariposa offer Tamper Evident packaging?  

Yes, we also offer heat induction seals, and shrink bands to secure your product in transit and for your customer's security and peace of mind.


Can your R &D Lab make a product that I propose? 

Yes, we have done this many times.  We provide new formulations on a product by product basis.  Our team will always keep you in the loop regarding price and performance and realistic outcomes. 


Can you manufacture Organic products? 

We are a member of the Organic Trade Association and are fully capable of manufacturing organic body and personal care products.  We will help you understand the ingredients and processes involved, as well as impacts to the overall product cost.


What is the shelf life of my product?  

Each product typically has an 18-month shelf life.  Please make sure to ask your product development specialist for the shelf life of your specific product.


Do you have non-disclosure agreements with your customers? 

Yes, we have both a non-disclosure agreement and a trade secret agreement to review and implement with our clients.  We take your company’s information and trade secrets very seriously and have detailed operating procedures in place to protect them.


How quickly can you turn around an order? 

This will depend on the status of the formulation.  If you provide the formulation, we can schedule filling and shipping for approximately 4 weeks following final approval and receipt of art work.  If Mariposa develops the formulation, the additional time will vary from case to case, from as little as 6-12 weeks to several months.  Re-orders are usually filled in 4 to 6 weeks.


Can you help ensure that my products are compliant with Personal Care Products Council standards and labeling?  

Mariposa is an FDA registered and inspected facility with a spotless record of product safety and reliability, and our rigorous Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) are based on the highest FDA standards and are reinforced and updated regularly.  We are also a member of and adhere to the guidelines of the PCPC (Personal Care Products Council), and a member of the Organic Trade Association. 


How does my product ship?  

If you do not have a preferred carrier, our Materials Manager will explore options for shipping to your destination for you.  We will request price quotes from a variety of carriers with whom we have relationships and discount arrangements.  Then we select the carrier with the best balance of price, service and transit time to meet your delivery requirements.  These shipping charges will appear on your invoice.