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Product Formulation

Offer Full Service. Deliver Custom Results.

Mariposa focuses on rigorous quality standards and personal attention to detail through every step of the process.

Listen. We learn about your business, your criteria and the products you want to market. The process begins with the New Product Design Form which specifies key product details and becomes part of the permanent product record.

Formulate. Next, our full-service laboratory, led by cosmetic chemist Kelly Kropf, develops working samples. The best options are presented to the client for review. Meanwhile, we work on packaging and a price quote. Our disciplined approach and rigorous laboratory procedures ensure high quality, reliable products.

Rigorous Testing

Exceed Industry Standards.

The Mariposa testing program exceeds industry standards for product quality and shelf-life assurance. Products that successfully pass our complete test are guaranteed for a minimum of one year shelf-life.

Test: A complete product test requires three months, though if needed, we can work with customers who require a shorter time to market. Mariposa tests for several components, including preservative system, emulsion, stability, viscosity, color, fragrance, and overall look and feel. *

  1. Standard Temperature Test. A control sample is stored for 3 months to get a good idea of how it will hold up over time.
  2. Freeze/Thaw Test. Products are rapidly frozen and thawed to test emulsion hardiness and ingredient stability.
  3. 104-degree Oven Test. Products are heated to 104-degrees for 3 months.
  4. Harsh Test. Products are heated to 120-degrees for 2 full weeks, enough time and heat to potentially break down any number of qualities.