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product formulation

Mariposa focuses on rigorous quality standards and personal attention to detail throughout every phase of the process of bringing a product to market. Our disciplined approach and thorough laboratory procedures ensure reliable, high-quality products. 


The Mariposa Labs testing program exceeds industry standards for product quality and shelf-life assurance. Products that successfully pass our battery of tests are guaranteed for a minimum of one-year shelf-life. Complete product testing usually takes three months. If necessary, however, we can work with customers who require a shorter time to market. Mariposa tests for multiple components, including: preservative system, emulsion, stability, viscosity, color, fragrance, and overall look and feel.


A control sample is stored for 3 months to get a good idea of how it will hold up over time.

Products are rapidly frozen and  thawed to test emulsion hardiness and ingredient stability.

Products are heated to 104 degrees for 3 months.